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I saved my own marriage and you can save your marriage too – Ed Fisher

You ask to “save my marriage.” You’ve come to the right place! I, too, was having terrible marriage problems recently. If you click here you can read my story.I managed to turn my marriage around and I’ve become something of a relationship expert in the process. Marriages fall apart for lots of reasons including affairs, fighting over little things, sexless marriage, or even just the feeling that you are growing apart and no longer feel like you are “in love.” No matter what the problem is, the good news is that there is a solution. Divorce is a terrible thing, no matter how attractive it might currently seem to you or your spouse. You must do everything you can to save your marriage.
True Story:
A few months ago, one of my wife’s co-workers had his wife leave him. She was having an affair, for whatever reason, and the husband moved into his own apartment while his two young kids stayed with his wife. His mother sent him a long letter. You see, his own mother and father had divorced and remarried when he was a boy. In the letter the mother pleaded with him to do whatever it takes to salvage his marriage because 30 years later she still has not forgiven herself for letting her own marriage fail.

She sometimes felt overwhelmed with guilt for breaking up her childrens’ home. She didn’t try hard enough when her marriage fell apart. How will this story end? I don’t know. But I’m sure that letter has made the husband wonder what he can change in himself to win back the love of his wife.

This is the absolute truth – your marriage is the most important relationship you will ever have with another human being. The thing is, you and your spouse are… human beings. Neither of you is perfect. Sometimes we have very high expectations for our spouse and we have trouble accepting them for who they are. We see other people and fantasize that these new people would be a better match. But we picked our spouse for a reason. More often than not, your spouse is a great match for you and you for them. So, unless there is abuse in the relationship, your marriage is worth fighting for.

But Ed, I want to Save My Marriage! What Can I do? My Spouse has Already “checked out!”

If you haven’t already gotten a divorce, it’s not too late. And, oddly enough, it is very possible to save your marriage even if your spouse is not interested in trying. Here’s the thing – you need help. Professional help. You will never find what you need by reading articles on the internet. Most articles are written by people out to make a quick buck or by people who think they know everything but they really don’t.

250In short, a lot of what you read on the internet is Dangerous to your marriage! For example, I have seen a product aimed at people in troubled relationships that is based upon the idea that you can make your spouse jealous as a way of igniting their passion for you. Well, my friends, games like that are best left in high school. If you try to make your spouse jealous by manipulating them, you will drive them further away, guaranteed. But… There are people out there who can help you.

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